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Thank you for considering Global Family & Home Care to help you with your search for a tutor.


  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science Projects
  • Study Skills


The Tutoring process:

  • Pay as you go: Our clients are always welcome to pay for sessions a-la-carte. Payment is due at each session
  • Purchase a package: All of our packages must have a minimum of 2 hours of tutoring at a time, but the overall package hours can be used within three to six months.

Please Note: We provide one complimentary session. All other services must be paid for in advance. 

  •  One hour of Coaching can be scheduled as one 50-minute online session or two 25-minute online sessions.
  • One hour of a tutoring session consists of 50 minutes of online A/V time. The balance of the hour is to account for offline time for the tutor and coach to prepare for and follow-up from the session.


2 Easy Steps:

  1. Complete the Tutoring Service Request
  2. Select the Tutoring Package that best meets your needs and complete payment


Tutoring assistance for ADHD students
When your child is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the child will demonstrate difficulty with staying focused, will struggle with homework and tests, and will lack motivation or will feel overwhelmed about academics. Your child will most likely demonstrate lack of critical skills such as time management, goal setting, and school work organization. Regardless of the academic and grade level, a child with ADHD will have difficulties with focus and concentration, and your child will easily fall behind.  Nevertheless, 
YOUR CHILD HAS THE POTENTIAL to succeed in school!

Getting started with tutoring for children with ADHD
Our tutoring will help your child with ADHD learn skills and get help in a focused, consistent environment. We’ll break complex skills into smaller steps, teach study and test-taking skills, and help your child develop organization and time-management skills. With your permission, we will also communicate and partner collectively with your child’s teachers. Our tutoring sessions will give your child greater confidence and motivation to achieve academic progress.

3 Easy Steps To Start

Step 1. Click on “Membership” to create your profile. Step 2. Complete the “Tutoring Service Request“. This will give us the specific position requirements. Step 3. Electronically sign and send us the Family/Client Service Agreement An agency representative will review your information and contact you. We will start to send you profiles within 24-48 hours.


1. Membership Form2. Tutoring Service Agreement3. Family/Client Service Agreement
You can reach us by completing the “Contact Us” Form in our website – you can call us at (312) 918-6741 or by sending an email to mconcepcion@globalintervisions.com